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My name is Kasey Wenz, and I am a hippie-chick from Austin, Texas.  I was born and raised in Austin (okay, I moved here at 3-months old, but it counts!). If you know anything about the growth of Austin in the past 20-years, you’ll know I am a bit of a unicorn here, as most people are implants. My husband and I love the laid-back lifestyle of Austin and the supported bohemian way of life centered around the arts, music, and outdoor living.  We are always finding new and exciting adventures for our two small children.  I can honestly say I have seen most of the United States, but I will either live in Austin or pretty much anywhere in Europe.

I went to St. Edward’s University where I received both my undergrad and graduate degrees in English.  It was there I discovered I could write because I had wonderful professors who believed I was a good writer. I was shocked to receive the Sorin Oak Writing Scholarship as a freshman, and it has paved my way in writing ever since. They saw something in my writing that I couldn’t, but through their mentoring, I finally found my confidence. While I attended St. Edwards University, I studied abroad for a semester in London, and I have been forever changed.

While I had the opportunity to study art history at the Tate Modern and Shakespeare in Stratford-Upon-Avon, I uncovered the love of travel.  It was a huge piece of me that I didn’t even know existed.  I went to as many countries on the weekends for side trips, and I found my goal was to collect as many stamps in my passport as humanly possible.  Since my return from London all those years ago, I make a point always to be planning my next trip.  Somehow, I always make it happen!

I have spent the last several years passing on my enthusiasm for writing and literature as a teacher and as a faculty advisor in higher education.  As much as I love to teach, I  have such a passion for writing. I am now pursuing a career in writing and have ventured into my own freelance writing business.  I am a writer for hire, and a few of the services I offer include article writing, guest blogging, content creation, ghostwriting services, and copywriting.  Topics I specialize in covering are lifestyles, the arts, travel, parenting, and education. I am excited to write for you!

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