I am Back & Want to Be A Badass!


I’m not really even sure if anyone is reading anything about me or on my blog, but if you’re here, I appreciate it. I have not written anything in a while, because I was trying to use the rest of the summertime for my family. We are all busy and moving in different directions, so it was important to make the effort to take time for ourselves, our children, and to just have some fun together.  I love to write, but it can be difficult to always have one’s head in the computer.  I do plan to get back into my blog and writing about life in Austin, as a mom, and as an artist.  Keep checking back in, and I promise to do the same. 

Wanna Be A Badass!                                     

If you haven’t been to Texas Roller Derby…you are missing out!

A few weeks ago, my parents were begging for our two little ones to spend the night and have a slumber party with Popa and Latte.  We found ourselves on a Saturday night without hinnies to wipe, macaroni-n-cheese to make, and family-friendly films (don’t get me wrong…I love this!).  We actually had the opportunity to go out and have a fun adult night on the town.

20180818_191452Since our first couple of dates, my husband and I have had conversations about the Roller Derby and how we really want to check out the famous Rollergirls of Austin.  We also recently watched the film Whip It, with Ellen Page, Drew Barrymore, and Kristin Wiig, which does take place in Austin, Texas and features several of the real female athletes from the TXRD teams.  With free time on our hands, we finally made it out to check out a match between the Cherry Bombs & the Holy Rollers.

When we first arrived at the Palmer Events Center, my husband and I knew we were among “our people.”  There were sleeves of tattoos, men with long hair, people wearing Pride t-shirts, and a live punk band.  We were also a little surprised to see several families there as well.  We both looked at each other and simultaneously said, “Jack would love this.”  Although this was our date night, we both know we will be coming back soon with our oldest.  We were super fans the moment we laid eyes on the track.

When the jams (I know the lingo now) first began, the roller derby girls were somewhat tame, but about fifteen minutes into the match, it really started to get good.  This is a full-contact sport with just a few knee pads and a helmet to protect you from becoming dogmeat. These girls were tough, and I mean tough.  They were knocking, blocking, and breaking into fights. There was even a drinking game to chug every time a fight broke out. Good thing the bar was close by because the fights were flowing, and so was the beer.

Girls with names like Mardi Brawl, Scarlet Harlot, and Macho Mandy Savage were out there, and they are kicking ass.  Before the match began, several of the Holy Rollers were out in the audience and handing out “prayer beads.”  Since we have never been, we didn’t have an allegiance to a certain team, so why not.  We were sporting the blue and there to have a good time.  We did quickly discover we were in Cherry Bomb territory and even sitting behind one of the Cherry Bomber’s family.  We realized the Cherry Bombs were awesome, and we were taken in by their loyal fans. When their jammers scored, they would turn around to give us high-fives and hugs.  We hid our blue beads and started screaming for the pink and green.

fun-happy-marathon-1280575Watching these strong and powerful women made me want to be out there myself.  I wanted to strap on some roller skates and join them.  There was even a sign-up table for tryouts in September.  My husband would laugh at me every time I would casually walk past the information table. The more they would fight, the more we drank, and the more times I would saunter past the information.  It made me think about my Roller Derby name; something like Hell-No Kitty or Bum-Fiddle Me This. My inner-roller girl is screaming to get out…or at least at this moment, it made me want to be a badass.

If you live in Austin and have not seen the Texas Roller Derby, you are missing out.  I cannot believe it took me so long to check out these empowered women, these renegade warriors…I will be there next season cheering on the Cherry Bombs (those are my girls) and drinking beer.  I can’t recommend this experience enough, and if you do make it out there next season, look for me…maybe even on the track!

The Calvello Cup finals take place on September 29th, and be sure to check out next seasons schedule here.


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